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Sam Barron

Sam Barron

Member-At-Large (2024)

My wife Audrey and I have two children attending A Children’s Habitat.  Our son Ezra (10) is in the Upper Elementary class, and our daughter Elliana (6) is in the Lower Elementary class. This is our fourth year as a Habitat family.  Both of our children have attended a Montessori program beginning with preschool, and what we have seen at Habitat gives us comfort knowing that they are receiving an excellent, well-rounded education.  The Outdoor Classroom and Holliday Park time was one of our deciding factors that drew us to Habitat in the first place.

For the last 22 years, I have owned and operated a Property Management and Maintenance company in Indianapolis. I began the company when I started to personally invest in real estate, eventually growing to manage several-hundred residential properties around the greater Indianapolis area.  My wife Audrey and I run our small 6 acre urban farm in the Eastwood Neighborhood and enjoy spending our free-time in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Asheville, NC, exploring and hiking with our kids.