We believe that choosing a school is a process that takes time, and that a family's understanding of a school's educational philosophy is an important part of the school selection process. As such, we require that new families either tour the school (on a scheduled tour appointment or during an Open House), or meet with the Head of School, to learn more about A Children’s Habitat. Families can then apply online using TADS, our online application system. A nonrefundable application fee of $50 per child will be required at this time.

Students applying to our elementary program or to the 3rd year in the 3-6 work cycle may be invited to attend school for a half-day to get a taste of what A Children's Habitat Montessori is like. Someone from the Office staff will be in touch to make those arrangements with families.

The priority application deadline for admission for the following school year is January 31. The school begins notifying new parents of admission decisions in March. We do accept applications on a year-round, rolling basis, and use a wait pool when admission has been granted, but a spot is unavailable. During the wait pool, first preference is given to children of staff and currently-enrolled and alumni families, and then is open to the wider community.


Our admission policies and criteria are designed to maximize the compatibility between prospective students, their families, and our school community, all within Montessori philosophy and values. We take into account our ability to meet the needs of each child, evidence of a family's long-term commitment to the program, and a shared belief in our School’s mission and values statement.

  1. We practice a policy of non-discrimination relative to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation regarding the receipt and review of applications for admission.
  2. Admission decisions require and are made contingent upon receipt or completion of all requested application requirements, forms, and fees.
  3. We respect the rights of privacy of all prospective students and families, and honor the confidentiality of all reports, records, or materials obtained as part of the admission application process.
  4. While we celebrate the diversity of individual children and welcome applications from a wide variety of students, we also recognize our limitations in accommodating some specialized learning needs. Our admissions procedure must therefore consider as a factor our ability to accommodate each student's needs without disruption to our program. Students who have special needs that fall within our ability to address may be accepted on a provisional basis, with additional stipulations (such as requirement for specialized and/or therapist assistance).
  5. An Admission Committee, consisting of the Head of School, administrative staff, and classroom teachers make all admission decisions.


Our Toddler class is available to children ages 18 months to 3 years of age, regardless of race, color, religion, or creed. ACH requires that a child be 18 months of age, prior to their first day of school, before they may enter our program, unless observations by teachers determine otherwise.

Primary (3-6) classes are open to children ages 2.5–6 years, regardless of race, color, religion, or creed. To begin in our 3-6 program, a child must be fully toilet trained (not wearing a diaper or pull-up to school) and approaching independence when using the bathroom. Accidents do happen, but they should be the exception, not the norm. Not meeting this criterion may result in a delayed start date.

Our Elementary I class is open to children ages of 6-9 years old, regardless of race, color, religion, or creed. Elementary candidates should demonstrate the ability to cooperate in a group, show respect for teachers and the other children, be capable of working independently, and demonstrate an eagerness to learn.

Our Elementary II class is open to children ages 9-12 years old, regardless of race, color, religion, or creed. Elementary candidates should demonstrate the ability to cooperate in a group, show respect for teachers and the other children, be capable of working independently, and demonstrate an eagerness to learn.

Class placement will be determined based on the child’s chronological age, maturation level, and recommendation from any previous teacher. The needs of the child will be of primary importance in every decision made.

I have read the application process and eligibility and have completed my school tour.

I am ready to apply!


Re-enrollment for the returning families begins in January through TADS. A $275 non-refundable contract fee for returning families or a $500 non-refundable contact fee for new families must accompany the re-enrollment contract in order to secure a student's place in the classroom for the following year. If a student's contract and fee are not received by January 31st, the position is considered open and will be available to new students.

For new students, the family will receive an enrollment contract through TADS, and an accompanying deadline by which to return it. A $200 non-refundable contract fee must accompany the enrollment contract in order to secure a student's place.

Once families sign an enrollment contract, they are responsible for the following year's tuition unless their spot is filled by another student.

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