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A Children’s Habitat prides itself on being active and informative through community engagement, local partnerships, and continued education. We set this same bar for our staff and parents, encouraging ongoing education and advocacy. Through #indyMontessori we aim to share Montessori philosophy with our community, ensuring the inclusion of our local Montessori schools—public and private alike. With this advocacy arm, we bring leadership and educator panels as well as speakers to the public forum for open discussion, ongoing parent education, and Montessori awareness. In our classrooms and through our building space, we work to partner with local businesses and organizations to share rich learning experiences with our students—from partnering with local restaraunts to agrotourism business we can share farm to table experiences, animal care, and elevate our efforts to be environmental stewards. Our students, with the help of staff and volunteers, also organize outreach efforts to local food pantries and shelters through various donation and sales platforms that offer real life academic and emotional experiences.

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#indymontessori Speaker Series, March 23, 2023


Scaffold to Success: The Art and Science of Individualization in the Elementary Classroom. The annual #indymontessori Speaker Series is hosted by A Children’s Habitat Montessori, the longest, continuously running Montessori school in Indianapolis, welcomes Jessica Davis Thursday, Mar. 23 at a free, public #indymontessori Speaker Series set for 6:30 p.m. at the Indianapolis Art Center Ruth Lilly Library.

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Traditionally, educators teach students grade-leveled subjects and report progress through a pre-determined specific curriculum. Dr. Kylea Asher-Smith, head of school at A Children’s Habitat Montessori School in Indianapolis, says that following the child is imperative to every facet of learning.

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