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Introducing the Three-Year Cycle.

With half- and full-day options, the Primary Program at A Children’s Habitat embodies the foundation of the Montessori Method. Multi-age environments offer concrete sensorial experiences and open-minded exploration through beautiful, thoughtful hands-on materials, which seed basic mathematical and scientific concepts, refine concentration, and foster social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our 3- to 6-year-old students also learn practical, daily life skills as well as grace and courtesy, naturally caring for and teaching themselves and others as they respect the classroom activities and learn to clean up after themselves. The Primary Program also introduces the Montessori three-year cycle from explorers learning to develop concentration and make sense of the space, to experts in their third year as they become peer-mentors to young students and solidify their own sense of confidence.

For Primary students, every school day includes active outside play either on our playground or in our half-acre outdoor classroom. Our full-time option also includes music and Spanish.


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A Day In The Life.

Montessori primary classes are a delight to watch. The busy, yet surprisingly quiet hum of students as they go about their work is masterful, intentional, and awe-inspiring. Children in the Habitat primary program arrive and prepare themselves for the day by hanging their backpack and personal items and changing into indoor shoes. They are calmly and warmly greeted by teachers as they enter the classroom. The day officially begins with morning circle time where the classroom community comes together to sing and enjoy short group lessons based on the unit of study. As the circle dismisses, students begin their work cycle in either the indoor or outdoor classroom, progressing through the curriculum at their own pace, guided by their observant teachers. Grace and courtesy are a part of every action in the classroom, from sharing works and materials to enjoying lunch and recess together. Our primary students also enjoy rotating through music, Spanish, yoga, and library throughout the week.

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Meet the Teachers

Ms. Melissa Briede

Ms. Melissa Briede


 Melissa has always had a passion for young children, finding tremendous excitement in sharing when it all comes together for them in that ‘ah ha’ moment. She has spent her career working with children—helping to build connections and develop independence is just a part of her make up. Melissa earned a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Life from Indiana State University in 2004, and later received her Montessori 3-6 teaching certification from the United Montessori Association. Prior to becoming lead teacher, Melissa served as an assistant teacher for five years. During that time she completed her Montessori paraprofessional training at MECA-Seton, now Seton Montessori Institute, in 2009.

Before joining Habitat in 2009, Melissa completed an internship at Methodist Hospital as a Child Life Specialist where she worked with hospitalized children and their families, conducting therapeutic play sessions that provided opportunities for expressive therapy. From there, she served as the head teacher in a Montessori-inspired toddler classroom that emphasized observation to assess the developmental abilities of individual children. Melissa went on to spend two years working with Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation, focused on developing and implementing individual education plans for students with special education needs.

When not at school, Melissa enjoys spending time at home with her husband, children, and miniature poodle.

Ms. Blaire Dosmann

Ms. Blaire Dosmann


Blaire has taught for ten years in the classroom, having earned a masters degree in literacy. She loves reading, running, and traveling, and has two boys who attend Habitat, Charlie and Fritz. Blaire and her family are very excited to be a part of the Habitat community!

Ms. Blaire Dosmann
Ms. Joyce Simmons

Ms. Joyce Simmons


Joyce began her teaching career after earning a BS in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida and taught third grade for nine years. She has been part of the Habitat family since 2009 when she enrolled her oldest daughter at A Children’s Habitat. She was enamored with the Montessori method and attended the Columbus Montessori Teacher Education Program in Ohio to obtain her AMS teaching certificate.

Ms. Minda Hohl

Ms. Minda Hohl


Minda Hohl is proud to be teaching in the South classroom at A Children’s Habitat. She has been a part of Habitat since 2008— teaching in the South class since 2011. Minda can also be found at Habitat during the summer months for camp! During the school year, you will most likely see her first thing in the morning at our drop off line—she loves having the wonderful opportunity to greet and welcome our students as they begin each day. Minda also loves being outdoors (especially in warm weather), wearing flip-flops, reading a good book, and cooking a great meal.

When not at Habitat, she can be found spending time with her husband and furry four-legged children.

Ms. Minda Hohl