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Ms. Miriam Monroy

Ms. Miriam Monroy

Permanent Substitute

Miriam Monroy is a dedicated educator with a rich background in childhood development and a passion for fostering young minds. Born in Guatemala City, Miriam embarked on her teaching journey in her home country before venturing to the United States. She pursued extensive childhood development education at Los Angeles City College, honing her skills and expertise in the field.

Her professional journey led her to a beautiful play-based early learning school where she not only taught but also conducted engaging “mommy and me” classes, fostering connections between parents and their little ones. Her commitment to education and nurturing young learners continued as she followed her daughter and grandchildren to Indiana in 2021.

Miriam is thrilled to contribute her knowledge and enthusiasm as a permanent substitute teacher at her grandson’s school. Her teaching philosophy centers on creating an engaging and supportive environment where children can thrive.

Beyond her passion for education, Miriam finds joy in various interests. She cherishes moments with her family, finding delight in foreign films, indulging in culinary adventures, and exploring the outdoors through hiking—a cherished activity she shares with her loved ones.

Miriam Monroy’s dedication to teaching, coupled with her multicultural background and love for family, makes her a valuable addition to the school community. Her diverse experiences and commitment to childhood development promise a nurturing and inspiring educational environment for her students.